Multi-omics in Clinical Application at LiNS (Leipziger interaktives Nephrologie-Seminar) 11.09.2021

The Leipzig Interactive Nephrology Seminar (LiNS) is a scientific event on current topics in nephrology and renal replacement procedures. Using auditorium-involving lecture formats, combined with practical courses on the previous days, the aim is to communicate current scientific findings in nephrology and related fields.

Revolution in personalised medicine

Symbiosis of diagnostics and therapy

Mosaiques Diagnostics & Therapeutics AG has pursued this goal through intensive research over the last 20 years and has developed a technology to transfer this vision into practice. The technology is now available to detect diseases as early as possible and with unprecedented precision. This is what makes it possible to effectively treat diseases with drug therapies at the earliest timepoint.

Mosaique's clinical proteome analysis enables:

Mosaiques Diagnostics & Therapeutics AG

The mosaiques diagnostics & therapeutics AG was established in Hannover (Germany).

The company’s core competence is the early and reliable detection of diseases enabling personalized medicine during therapy and drug development. The company utilizes diagnostic polypeptide patterns (DiaPat) derived from the fast and accurate analysis of proteins and polypeptides in body fluids (e.g. urine, bile and cerebrospinal fluid).