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Clinical Diagnosis
Early in vitro Diagnostics of severe diseases.

mosaiques diagnostics GmbH
Biomarker Discovery, Target Identification, Drug Evaluation
Proteome analysis for pharmaceutical research and clinical trials.

Mosaiques therapeutics GmbH
Mosaiques therapeutics has developed a range of biomarker tests for a number of chronic diseases. Among these are tests for diabetes, coronary artery disease (CAD)[1] and chronic kidney disease (CKD)[2,3]. These tests are based on a range of peptides that are excreted in urine and form a "biomarker fingerprint" or signature for the health of an individual. These biomarkers were developed for clinical diagnostic purposes and to inform clinicians on treatment progression. They have high specificity and sensitivity for each disease. The clinical biomarker patterns have been validated in a number of blinded studies [4,5]. They can detect the onset of a disease before any symptoms develop.