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Management board
Joachim Conrads, CEO
Prof. Dr. Dr. Harald Mischak, CSO

Board of directors
Daniela Conrads (Chair)

The information provided on the website of mosaiques diagnostics and therapeutics AG and its subsidiaries DiaPat GmbH and mosaiques diagnostics GmbH does not replace the need for a personal consultation with your health care professional. It is designed to help you in your discussions with health care professionals as well as help you to have a fuller and more meaningful interaction with your doctor, pharmacist, nurse etc.

Most of the medicines mentioned on this site are available only on a prescription from a qualified health care professional. Never take prescription medicines unless they have been prescribed for you by a qualified health care professional after a personal consultation.

Information on this website may not be very detailed and the information directed at some nationalities (eg German citizens) is likely to be more comprehensive than information aimed at other nationalities (eg European countries). To be sure you have all the information you need you should always ask your health care professionals.

This site undergoes extensive review by company doctors, pharmacists, lawyers and others to ensure, as far as possible, that the information it contains is reliable. The information is also subject to comprehensive codes of practice and laws. Nevertheless we deny any liability for actions or omissions the user decides to undertake following the information on this site.

If you have concerns or questions about your health or the medicines you are taking always contact your own doctor, pharmacist or other Health Care Professional.

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