Personalized Medicine

One of the biggest challenges for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies in the 21st century will be to develop and deliver drugs that fit the individual patient´s biology and pathophysiology. This change form blockbuster medicine to personalized medicine will, to large extent, influence the way drugs are going to be developed, marketed and prescribed in the future.

Mosaiques developed sensitive and specific diagnostics enabling patient-specific therapies for a diversity of pathological alterations. Treatment coupled to diagnostics is tailored to an individual´s biology and has the potential to be far more effective than current approaches to disease management.

Pathologists and doctors are now able to look at the protein sequences (biomarkers) of patients, which tell them what the best treatments would be for the patient. This information directs the physician on which general therapeutic can be used. If personalized products are not available yet, doctors can identify which general therapy - chemotherapy, antibodies, or radiation - would be the most statistically effective for a particular disease type, based on their proteomic screening.



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