DisCo-I project

Sept. 2022

The DisCo-I project will train young and ambitious scientists to combat major chronic diseases with fibrotic component by offering them a comprehensive and inter-sectoral training to change our view on the driving force for fibrosis: from a disease of enhanced production of extracellular matrix to a disease of failing extracellular matrix degradation. 

Collagens are most abundant components of extracellular matrix, with type I collagen being a predominant component of fibrotic tissue and having an emerging role in chronic diseases. 

Thus, young scientists will focus on delivering currently missing fundamental knowledge on the molecular pathophysiology of type I collagen degradation, setting up a stage for non-invasive diagnostic biomarkers of fibrosis and novel anti-fibrotic therapies, thus decreasing the burden of chronic diseases in the future.

LINK: https://www.disco-1.eu/