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Leading scientific institutes demand clinical proteome analysis for improved patient care!

Leading German scientific institutes of the “Forum Gesundheitsforschung” at the BMBF are demanding clinical proteome analysis for the urgently needed precision medicine! The scientific institutes of the "Health Research Forum" are:

Wissenschaftsrat ● Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft ● Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft ● Max-Planck-Gesellschaft ● Leibniz-Gemeinschaft ● Fraunhofer Gesellschaft ● Medizinischer Fakultätentag ● Verband der Universitätsklinika Deutschland ● Deutsche Zentren der Gesund­heitsforschung ● Vertreterinnen und Vertreter aus der Wirtschaft

In the opinion of these institutes, a platform of the deciphered proteins with their patterns will enable an epic improvement in the development of precision medicine. The associated symbiosis of diagnostic and therapy means ...    [Weiterlesen]


Diagnosis and Prognosis

Proteome analysis in chronic kidney disease

connexi issue 7-2017

by Harald Mischak, Hannover

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) usually progresses over a long period of time to a point where complete loss of kidney function, known as terminal kidney failure, is reached. As the disease progresses, there is a progressive loss of kidney filters (glomeruli) that cannot be reversed. In such a scenario, the only possible option is early intervention before irreversible organ damage occurs. The management of CKD would be significantly improved by an early diagnosis of the underlying disease, which is often asymptomatic. There are some drugs and other intervention options that can only develop their optimal effect if they are used as early as possible. The challenge is therefore to identify CKD as early as possible and to be able to predict the ideal therapeutic intervention.... [Weiterlesen]