Leading scientific institutes demand clinical proteome analysis for improved patient care!

Dec. 2017

Leading German scientific institutes of the “Forum Gesundheitsforschung” at the BMBF are demanding clinical proteome analysis for the urgently needed precision medicine! The scientific institutes of the "Health Research Forum" are:

Wissenschaftsrat ● Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft ● Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft ● Max-Planck-Gesellschaft ● Leibniz-Gemeinschaft ● Fraunhofer Gesellschaft ● Medizinischer Fakultätentag ● Verband der Universitätsklinika Deutschland ● Deutsche Zentren der Gesundheitsforschung ● Vertreterinnen und Vertreter aus der Wirtschaft

In the opinion of these institutes, a platform of the deciphered proteins with their patterns will enable an epic improvement in the development of precision medicine. The associated symbiosis of diagnostic and therapy means “individual patient care”, especially for chronic / inflammatory diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular, kidney, lung, neurogenerative and rheumatoid diseases. In particular, cardiovascular and chronic kidney diseases, as complication of diabetes, will "threaten Western civilizations", according to the UN.

The clinical proteome analysis of Mosaiques is the key to the urgently needed precision medicine. Only with the molecular recognition of the proteome through proteome analysis the diseases and their recognition can be defined for the first time and successfully treated at an early stage. Diseases arise and exist exclusively at the molecular level and it is only at the molecular level that drug treatments work. Innovative drugs can thus be developed quickly, inexpensively and largely free of side effects.