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Zürbig P, Jahn H.
Use of proteomic methods in the analysis of human body fluids in Alzheimer research.
Electrophoresis. 2012 Dec;33(24):3617-30. doi: 10.1002/elps.201200360.

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Jahn H, Wittke S, Zürbig P, Raedler TJ, Arlt S, Kellmann M, Mullen W, Eichenlaub M, Mischak H, Wiedemann K
Peptide fingerprinting of Alzheimer´s disease in cerebrospinal fluid: Identification and prospective evaluation of new synaptic biomarkers
PLoS ONE 2011 Oct; 6(10): e26540
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Wittke S, Mischak H, Walden M, Kolch W, Radler T, Wiedemann K
Discovery of biomarkers in human urine and cerebrospinal fluid by capillary electrophoresis coupled to mass spectrometry: towards new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches
Electrophoresis. 2005, 26(7-8): 1476-1487
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