Presentations 2004

December 4-7, 2004
46th American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting
San Diego, USA
Scientific oral Presentation "Prospective evaluation of a GvHD-specific proteomics pattern"
Prof. Dr. Eva M. Weissinger

October 21-23, 2004
Kiel, Germany
Scientific oral Presentation "Proteomics - neue Perspektiven bei der Beurteilung der Nierentransplantatfunktion"
Prof. Dr. Harald Mischak

September 20, 2004
Nephrologie Kongress 2004
Basel, Switzerland
Scientific oral Presentation "Proteomics zur Differentialdiagnose der Transplantatdysfunktion"
Prof. Dr. Harald Mischak

September 8-11, 2004
XXXI. Congress of ESAO 2004
Warschau, Poland
Scientific oral Presentation "Proteomics as a tool to analyse uremia"
Prof. Dr. Eva M. Weissinger

May 15-18, 2004
41. Congress ERA-EDTA
Lissabon, Portugal
Scientific oral Presentation "Uraemic toxin removal: future ways to go"
Prof. Dr. Eva M. Weissinger

May 14, 2004
National Institutes of Health
Washington, USA
Scientific oral Presentation "Proteomic Analysis for Clinical Diagnosis and Therapy Evaluation Using
Capillary Electrophoresis Coupled to Mass Spectrometry"
Prof. Dr. Harald Mischak

May 13, 2004
University of Virginia - CVRC Seminar Series
Charlottesville, VA, USA
Scientific oral Presentation "Proteom analysis of plasma and urine:
a promising approach for routine clinical diagnosis"
Prof. Dr. Harald Mischak

April 16-17, 2004
25. Werkstattgespräch über Praktische Aspekte der Nierentransplantation:
Praktische Aspekte der Nierentransplantation

Lübeck, Germany
Scientific oral Presentation "Proteomics in der Nephrologie"
Prof. Dr. Harald Mischak

March 28-31, 2004
30th Annual Meeting of EBMT
Barcelona, Spain
Scientific oral Presentation "Proteomics in the clinical follow-up of patients after
allogeneic stem cell  transplantation"
Prof. Dr. Eva M. Weissinger

March 12, 2004
Medizinische Universitätsklinik Freiburg
Freiburg, Germany
Scientific oral Presentation "Application of proteome analysis for clinical diagnosis"
Prof. Dr. Harald Mischak

March 2-6, 2004
6th World Congress on Trauma, Schock, Inflammation and Sepsis
München, Germany
Scientific oral Presentation "Proteomics applied towards clinical diagnosis:
Defining sepsis based on polypeptide markers in body fluids"
Prof. Dr. Harald Mischak