News | 2022

Crit-CoV-U study is finished

The validation phase of the Crit-CoV-U study is finished and the results are published in Lancet Digital Health.

The Crit-CoV-U study, which included at the end a total of 1012 participants, was created to develop and validate a proteome biomarker test for the early detection of severe courses of COVID-19. The validation was now finished and has shown promising results. Furthermore, the cost reductions were calculated for the use of this test. These were associated with 1 day less hospitalization per 1000 participants were million Euro (M€) 0.887 (5-95% percentile interval 0.730-1.039) in participants at a low risk (COV50 <0.04) and M€ 2.098 (1.839-2.365) in participants at a high risk (COV50 ≥0.04).

A German article can be found here.